Friday, April 17, 2015


Brett J

My Inspiration

Sweep, Sweep.  “Hey Papa! What are you doing?”  “Sweeping the dust off of my carving table? What did you need?”  “Well, I came over for the interview?”  “Ok, lets get started.”

My grandpa Jim is my inspiration. I chose him because he inspires me with hard work and he also tells the best childhood stories. My grandpa has four siblings. He has two older brothers and two younger sisters. Sadly, we lost the youngest one, Becky, to cancer. The oldest brother is Quentin. The next is Jerry. Then it is him. After that it is Twila and lastly Becky. A funny tradition is that when a family member had a birthday party, someone would sneak up and smear butter on their nose.

Next, is his job. My grandpa works at CarQuest. He has worked behind the counter for quite a while. Now he works as an outdoor salesperson, as he puts it. He drives a route selling auto parts to close friends. Some tips he has for being successful at your job is first and foremost, put God at the center of it all. Then show up on time. Also learn the product you are selling. Another tip is to provide the best service. 

A hobby that my grandpa has taught me and my brothers is wood carving. He discovered the interest after he went to a museum. One of his friends that helped him get started was Clay Johnson. My grandpa told me that he has always been into crafts and art, so he was prone to this. Some of the creatures that he first carved were birds. He explained that he was also into birds. A tradition that he has started is that for every Christmas, he carves an animal that would have been on Noah’s Ark from the alphabet. I have celebrated Christmas 12 times and this past Christmas my letter was J and he carved me a Jaguar. It has been a tradition for a long time.

The last reason why he inspires me is because of the things that he believes and wants people to know. The most important thing in the Johnston family, is a relationship with God. And that is the message that he wants the world to know.  How important it is to have a relationship with God. Where will you go if you die tomorrow? This is a big question that each of us needs to be answer.

I have informed you why my grandpa Jim inspires me. I am grateful to have him. His nickname is Papa or Pops. These are the reasons why he inspires me.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report

Where in the World
Brett Johnston
2nd Period


I have dreamed of many places to visit when I’m older, but the main one is the Bahamas.  The relaxing seats on the warm soft sand. The crystal blue water slowly wading over your feet. Today, I will be informing you on the savory food, the activities to do, and unique nature there.

The first topic I will talk about is the savory food. Imagine this, you are sitting on the beach, just relaxing. When suddenly you smell something, seafood! If you are wondering what type of seafood it is, you will soon find out.

You are probably smelling shellfish, lobster, crab and the most famous dish, conch. Conch is like an oyster, but not as slick. A very important ingredient to make every dish perfect is coconut. You will always find coconut in you dish. Some other seasonings are tomatoes, lime, cilantro, onions, garlic, allspice, cinnamon and rum. MMMMMM!  Talking about this food is making me hungry.

Next, I will inform you on the activities to do in the Bahamas. The most famous resort is Atlantis. It is a resort with a wicked water park. You can see sea life when you go down slides. It is an amazing place. So thanks to extremely hard work, people can go to this resort. Another resort is the famous Sandals Spa. If you are stressed from work, this is the place for you. You can get massages and seaweed wraps. To me, it would be relaxing.

Finally, I will tell you about the unique nature in the Bahamas. Picture this: you are in the water swimming and suddenly you see a shadow in the water. You look up and there it is, the toucan. Toucans and parrots are the most famous birds in the Bahamas. They are beautiful colors and there are a lot of them. Another unique animal is the dolphin. When you are in the Bahamas, you can swim with dolphins. You can also swim with stingrays. Feeling the smooth back of the stingray and rubber skin of the dolphin, and think wow! One more sea life you have to look out for when you are walking in the shallow water is the sea urchin. The sea urchin is a little critter that packs quite a punch. It has a sharp back and some can be poisonous. So watch out for those little guy’s.

In conclusion, I have informed you on the savory food, activities to do, and the unique nature in the Bahamas. I hope this inspires you to go to the Bahamas. This is my dream destination, where will you go?


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