Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brett Poem

It means athletic, chrisitan, and short
 It is the number 55
  It is like bright and fresh
It is when I went camping with Kolby
It is the memory of my Grandma Rossman
Who taught me Christ-likeness and how to put a 1,000 piece puzzle together
When my dad Jimmy helped me when I was weak from my parents divorce
                                    My name is Brett

It means that I believe that God is the only UPPERCASE G God

Easter Poem

Especially about the death of Christ
Also the resurrection
Stone in front of the tomb removed
Talked about him when they didn’t see him in the tomb
Ended the rumors

Rose back to heaven

Monday, November 24, 2014


Trust: Brett Johnston
Trust relates to the movie Blindsight because the blind kids had to trust the guiders on the mountain. If they didn’t trust them, they wouldn’t have fun. It can relate to me because I trust my family to keep me safe. I don’t let uncertainties turn into liabilities, I change them to possibilities and opprotunities. If I don’t, I won’t be able to fix my mistakes and get help. 

Photo credit: Unkown copy.jpeg from Bing 

Friday, November 14, 2014



With liberty and justice for all. These are the final words of the Pledge Of Allegiance. Many people think of these words differently. I think of it as the freedom of our country and the gratefulness I have for the soldiers that are fighting for us. I also think of it as the fairness we have. Freedom in our country can be recognized by: D-Day, the monuments and praying for the troops.
D-Day. D-Day to me was one of the most tragic days of World War II. This battle took place in Normandy, France on the Omaha Beach. An upsetting loss of 29,000 American soldiers. A fact that you may not know, is that we had a battle plan on a map. Somehow the Germans captured the plans. That is why so many Americans died that day. You want to know what its like? Once you got out of the boats, you were either pelted by the MG42’s or you made it to the little rummage. Bullets would be flying everywhere. Your next objective would have been to get to the cliff so that you could climb up the rope.
The monument, I imagine, would be magnificent. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the ones in Washington D.C.  But I have seen some in O’Neill. One of them is right out front of the Armory. It is a monument of an american solider that died in a war. The ones in Washington D.C are huge. There is the wall of all of the soldiers that died. Another is the famous Washington Monument. It is 555 feet tall. There are 22 monuments in Washington D.C.
Praying for the troops would be a lot of help. It is not hard to do. All you have to do is say,” Dear God, please help the troops to be safe while they are in other countries. Amen”. The prayers will keep them safe. You can also rely on Jesus. He will always answer your prayers unless they are bad and unrealistic.

You can tell from this essay that freedom in our country can be recognized by: D-Day, the monuments in different states, and praying for the troops. Remember that your freedom is because of the soldiers. And that it doesn’t take long to pray for the troops.