Friday, December 12, 2014


Good People
Little Nebraska Towns
Capital Cities

Concrete Poem

Deep Dark Long Fall
Down To An Empty
Lonely Wet Ground
Hurting Pain Booming
In Different Spots
Until Someone Finds

Persona Poem

There goes another
I am fighting a cold war
Its against the letters
Small words easy
Big words take a while
Always killing them when the writer makes a mistake
Sometimes I feel like a flat out jerk
Oh no
Here I go again

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nebraska Baseball

No other team then Nebraska
Cracking the fastball over the fence
Throwing it right down the pipe for an easy strikeout
Nebraska Baseball
Amazing highlights on Sports Center
Nebraska Baseball
Proud during the tough games
Nebraska Baseball
The good life sport

Free Verse

I love baseball
I get my equipment from the mall
If I get lost I call
Or else I'll end up in the dance hall

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Spring Poem

A warm loving sun
Shines on my face
While I'm outside
You could't ask for better weather in this season

The scene of this season 
is bright like the sun 
and flowers everywhere 
almost like oxygen
the flowers overwhelm the grass
and bees overwhelm the flowers carrying pollen from one to another

The birds chirping there songs
people laughing as they tell jokes to each other and while their kids run around
and play

But the food and candy is a perk
The real reason is the death and resurrection of christ

But the best thing about this season
it makes everybody happy

Extended Metaphor

Friendship is a mountain
It always as its ups and downs
There's the rocky and jagged times
Then there are the fluffy snow-like times
When you get along
Together you will always reach the top

Found Poem

The Cries And Screams Of Adults And Kids
No Hope For Help
The Escape

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brett Poem

It means athletic, chrisitan, and short
 It is the number 55
  It is like bright and fresh
It is when I went camping with Kolby
It is the memory of my Grandma Rossman
Who taught me Christ-likeness and how to put a 1,000 piece puzzle together
When my dad Jimmy helped me when I was weak from my parents divorce
                                    My name is Brett

It means that I believe that God is the only UPPERCASE G God

Easter Poem

Especially about the death of Christ
Also the resurrection
Stone in front of the tomb removed
Talked about him when they didn’t see him in the tomb
Ended the rumors

Rose back to heaven

Monday, November 24, 2014


Trust: Brett Johnston
Trust relates to the movie Blindsight because the blind kids had to trust the guiders on the mountain. If they didn’t trust them, they wouldn’t have fun. It can relate to me because I trust my family to keep me safe. I don’t let uncertainties turn into liabilities, I change them to possibilities and opprotunities. If I don’t, I won’t be able to fix my mistakes and get help. 

Photo credit: Unkown copy.jpeg from Bing 

Friday, November 14, 2014



With liberty and justice for all. These are the final words of the Pledge Of Allegiance. Many people think of these words differently. I think of it as the freedom of our country and the gratefulness I have for the soldiers that are fighting for us. I also think of it as the fairness we have. Freedom in our country can be recognized by: D-Day, the monuments and praying for the troops.
D-Day. D-Day to me was one of the most tragic days of World War II. This battle took place in Normandy, France on the Omaha Beach. An upsetting loss of 29,000 American soldiers. A fact that you may not know, is that we had a battle plan on a map. Somehow the Germans captured the plans. That is why so many Americans died that day. You want to know what its like? Once you got out of the boats, you were either pelted by the MG42’s or you made it to the little rummage. Bullets would be flying everywhere. Your next objective would have been to get to the cliff so that you could climb up the rope.
The monument, I imagine, would be magnificent. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the ones in Washington D.C.  But I have seen some in O’Neill. One of them is right out front of the Armory. It is a monument of an american solider that died in a war. The ones in Washington D.C are huge. There is the wall of all of the soldiers that died. Another is the famous Washington Monument. It is 555 feet tall. There are 22 monuments in Washington D.C.
Praying for the troops would be a lot of help. It is not hard to do. All you have to do is say,” Dear God, please help the troops to be safe while they are in other countries. Amen”. The prayers will keep them safe. You can also rely on Jesus. He will always answer your prayers unless they are bad and unrealistic.

You can tell from this essay that freedom in our country can be recognized by: D-Day, the monuments in different states, and praying for the troops. Remember that your freedom is because of the soldiers. And that it doesn’t take long to pray for the troops.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Larry the ghost


Larry The Ghost

Crash! Bang! Boom! Oh no, he’s at it again. If you are wondering what those sounds are, they are the sounds of a locker being thrown off. The doer of this action is Larry, the OHS ghost.
So you’ve never heard of this ghost?  Well, I think its time for you to find out.
Larry is a ghost. He is 6’1 and around 55 years old. Obviously he is a male. I mean what girl is named Larry? Any ways, he lives in the janitor’s closet. His hair is gold and short. He always dresses in a WWII outfit. His face is the freakiest. He has a black face, yellow shark-like teeth and the worst, red eyes! His WWII outfit is pretty sweet though. It is an American uniform. It consists of a helmet, pants, shirt, boots and a mini backpack.
Larry is not like any other ghost. He roars like a lion and laughs like the Joker. The smell of him is like a dumpster with rotten trash in it. Larry is a trickster and very short-tempered. His voice is incredibly gaping. He also shifts quickly. I think he’s faster than the Flash.
The reason why people don’t know his story is because he is only visible to the teachers. The teachers really don’t care for him. The only one that likes him is Mr. Hostert. Larry doesn’t trash his room. His favorite teacher to mess around with is Mrs. Troester. He haunts by ripping apart the lockers. The reason why is because he doesn’t like the sound of lockers slamming shut. In his free time, he watches old war movies. 

So if you come to school tomorrow and your locker is ripped off, you know that Larry surprised your locker with a little midnight play time. Crash! Bang! Boom! Not again….

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Dracula bites furiously
Dracula bites furiously, quickly
Bites furiously, quickly, accurately
Furiously, quickly, accurately, and uncommonly
When he strikes again at night

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Feast

Brett Johnston
Period 2

It was the big day. Today was the Hogwarts Feast. I imagined it as a beautiful palace with every type of food in the world. I wonder if I will see Harry? I am also in Gryffindor.

When I finally arrived at the great hall, hundreds of owls soared around the gigantic room. The room was flashing with lights. They had signs to tell you which table was which. I went to the Gryffindor table and saw Harry Potter, “The Special One.” I nervously went and sat by him. He said hi and I said it back to him. That is the first time he has ever talked to me. I am freaking out right now.

It was finally time to eat. In a second, food just appeared on my plate. The food smells were so bold and fresh. Food of all sorts like: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, roast beef, ham, deer jerky, quail, prime rib, chicken alfredo, and many more. After everyone was stuffed like pigs, the dessert popped up. They served ice cream, apple crisp, peach cobbler and my favorite, pumpkin pie.

After that, we had a talent show. Slytherin did the worst, then it was Raven Claw, next was Huffle Puff, and finally it was us. We won! Next we had a wizard and witch hunt. The boys had to find the wizards and the girls had to find the witches. It was the most spectacular day in my whole life. 

At the end of the day this Hogwarts Feast will always be a great memory to me I can’t wait until the next feast. The number one thing that I will look forward to is stomping Slytherin and Raven Claw.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery Rhyme 1

"Little Miss Muffet..."
Re-written by: Brett Johnston

Little Miss Muffet
Perched on a rusty tuffet,
Chomping on curds and whey;
Then appeared a green spider,
crouched down beside her,
sent Miss Muffet afar

Monday, September 29, 2014

I am

Three things I learned when doing this project was to be yourself. So many people worry that people we'll judge them. Another thing was that I learned how to recored voiceover. The last thing I learned is to have patience. iMovie was slow.  Those are three things I learned while doing this assignment!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

To me, "The Dot" means that anyone can draw. In the story, Vashti thought that she couldn't draw. Her art teacher said make a dot. The teacher framed the dot on her wall. Everybody can draw. It is okay to be different. No one should judge you for who you are.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable School Day

English 7
Period 2 Unforgettable School Day

“ Students, listen please, you need to pick a topic in Nebraska and you need to write about it. You also need to make a model of your topic and it needs to be done in two weeks,” said Mrs. Brodersen, my 4th grade teacher.  I was shocked and nervous that it had to been done in 2 weeks.
The first step was to think of a topic in Nebraska. There were so many topics but a lot of people took mine. I was going to pick the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, but someone took that. I was taking up too much time. Finally, I picked a topic that I knew a lot about, Spencer Dam. I asked my Dad if he could help and he said yes.
The next step was to build it. We started with the blue prints. Then once we got that done we started getting the materials. We bordered it with wood.  We started on the bigger details, like making the rocky cliffs and the seasoned dam. It took us about five long days to complete the model.  After that, we did even more extensive details, like trees and water. We made the water out of paint. I painted the bottom of the wood light blue.
Then on the day of the fair, we took my model to the elementary school gym. During the fair people would walk to your station and they would ask you about Spencer Dam. I explained to them the facts that I had in my two page paper. I talked about the fish, the dam, the elevation, and how they opened the flood gates.

At the end of the museum, people were complimenting me on how I did an amazing job and how I knew so much about my topic. People would ask me if I did this on my own. I said each time that my Dad and I did it together. I realized that with help and not panicking, you can accomplish anything.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Bedroom Writing

Here is my room. My room wall is covered in Red Sox Posters. When I wake up I can look to my side and see them. There are also Husker banners that cover the maple covered wall. Our family loves the Huskers. Every time we are in a mall we try to buy something Husker. One of my favorite things is my mini-basketball hoop. My brothers and I always play on it. The rim is metal so it feels like a real rim when I dunk it on my brothers….wink, wink.

My TV is another pro. Every once and a while I watch a movie. I also take the XBOX from my brothers room and hook it up to my TV to play games. If my favorite TV show isn’t on, I can watch Netflix through the XBOX. I enjoy wrapping up in my sports comforters. They have many sports symbols. These comforters are just right for me because I like to play sports. It is hard to find clothes in the morning because my homemade wooden dresser that my grandpa made is full of clothes. It over flows on to the floor. I have separate drawers for certain clothes and even shoes. At the end of the day, it feels good to crawl in bed, wrap up in my sports comforters, and hit the hay. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014